Good Life???

Some people said to me, I got a good job & good friends. Yeah I am…

I got a really good job, a job that it’s in my life everydays. A job that nothing to do except be myself, be what I’m doing, be what I’d love to do, so it’s a really good job for me ever…

Before I got this job, I was like No confident at all to do this job, lots of people wanna do this job too, for me, I still have the problem with my ENG skills (Yeah, I do) so that will make me in trouble for sure.

But my friend said He wanted me to do this job, He can’t find anyone who got what he’s looking for like me in Thailand

So when someone give you a really good chance, will you take it???

And that’s what I’m here now…

I got really good friends, they all support me when I’m down, they are worry about me & I really appreciate that

Stay with me when I need someone, never leave me…

But how I can say I got a good life if I have a life without love???

My love sucks & it does…

It hurts me a lot & make me feel like I have nothing, no energy to do anything

She’s the one who I wanna live with for the rest of my life…

All I can do just keep waiting for her, but how long??? And she gonna come back to me??? Nobody knows & also me too

I wish she will come back to me again

I got nothing to improve ‘coz I think I already done or show her my feelings..

But Shit it’s hurting & burning me a lot when I’m waiting like this, like don’t know when it will happen or when I should stop…

So I can’t say I got a good life ‘coz it doesn’t complete…


Jeed S.


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