Latest Designs From True~ True~ Clothing Label

Hello people…

I’m proudly present to you guys my latest designs of my clothing label that I’ve done today, 3 designs to presented today but it’s all samples & will give away to friends & familys…




Sue Me : This design came from Wen‘s idea, he got some idea with Supreme box logo, then we shared this idea how to communicate people & here’s the design, link with the Nike Dunk Hi SB Supreme, got 3 colorways & the Nike Dunk Low SB versions will come out soon…




Don’t Cut Through The Line!!! : I watched Star Wars & really like the Storm Trooper character, so I made this design just because of I don’t like people that always cut through the line others when they do the que & it always happen in everywhere (Well I think not Thailand yet). So I called this Trooper “Queing Trooper” and put the quote “Don’t Cut Through The Line!!!” ‘coz if you do it, you will get shot, 3 colorways but might change the colors later…




True~ True~ Raider : For this design, well actually I just love this LA Raider logo (or Oakland Raider) since I were a kid ‘coz I like to watch American Football just only because their uniforms & protectors, so when I do True~ True~, it reminded me Kid’s Experience. I twisted the original design to be like you saw it, Skull, Gold Tooth & Cig…


True~ True~ Bubble Logo : Sample, bottom left in back…

Just 3 latest designs rite now & alls are samples that made it for test, check the feedbacks & give away to friends & familys. More designs coming soon…

 If you guys love it or don’t like it. Please leave the comment, I will be appreciate that if you suggest me…


Jeed S.


One Response to “Latest Designs From True~ True~ Clothing Label”

  1. Waseem Says:

    bro, i LOVE it, talk to me on msn…

    I wanna get some if possible please.

    Thanks again. I still love your “thai” bbc custom tee 😀

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