Japan… Here I Come!!!

Finally I got my visa now!!!, Hrrrr~ So damn tired but hope this trip will be the best trip ever for me, ‘coz I always telling myself one day I will be there & now it’s a right time to go, will accompany with my new crew…

So when I get to Tokyo, will get a lot of things to do, and will go for this party too…


Will be there ‘coz of my CT crew (London) is one of the teams that join the New Balance design competition with another 2 DQM : Dave Quality Meat (N.Y.) & Grey One (L.A.)…

So today after I got my visa, backed to Wen‘s house for air ticket & took some sample tees back (‘coz first I’m scared that I wouldn’t get my visa, so I dropped all sample tees with him)…

Got a new Woofin’ magazine issue 7, had a fashion set that they took here, nice one…


The Cover, Wen got from Nat


The Set…


The Credit…

So I hope will have some free times to update my blog, tell you guys what I do in a day…


Jeed S.


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