Tokyo : Day 1 : Part 1 : Sightseeing

Hi alls

Backed to update my first day in Tokyo, Japan…


I arrived @ Narita Airport around 8.15 am Japan time, with Wen, his girlfriend Prae, Jae & Tong, took a van to the Imperial hotel which was charged 3,000 yen per person, then I shared the room with my friend Russell in the sweet suite room which was really nice suite room…


View from the sweet room, 31st floor, the Imperial hotel

Meet people from U-Dox, my new company, Gary, Dean, Zeth & BJ Betts, a famous tattoo artist, also new Japanese friends Koba who got big connections here & Kenta who used to live in N.Y. for 7 years, got some rest for an hour & waited for people from D.Q.M.Dave Ortiz & Chris also another 2 guys from CT, Sean & Charlie, then all of us went to Asakusa Temple


Me with an old Japanese monk…


Crews, from left : Dave Ortiz, Chris, A Jap guy who I forgot his name, Charlie, Russ, BJ, Koba, Tong, Sean & Me, Dean took this pic…


Then we had lunch in a real Japanese restaurant, my first meal in Japan, Tempura set which charged me 6,100 yen…


After done the meal, some people get back to the hotel, some will go to work but me, BJ, Dean, Dave, Chris, Sean & Charlie wanna go to sneaker stores, so Koba took all of us to Ueno area to checked out the MITA Sneakers Store…




Here’s the new sample of Nike Dunk High Trainer Free x Mita Sneakers, I was there ‘coz of this kick but they still not come out yet & have to wait ’til 23th, I asked them to sell me before but they couldn’t so, sucks!!! So I only took MAD shoe tissue cleanser only…


Then we went to a clothing shop in that mall named Nu-Bian store which carrys some nice N.Y. clothings label, I got a Cheap Rockers t-shirt which was really nice & a new WARP magazine…

We left Dave & Chris, went to KichiChoji to checked out 2 famous sneaker stores, Skit & LAavenue…



We checked out @ SKIT store first, they got some really nice OGs, also full of used sneakers & brands new as well, I almost got some sneakers here too but cancel in a last minute ‘coz of wanna check anothers left too…


Look @ Dean‘s face, he was like….Shit!!! too many sneakers overhere!!!



Dean & Charlie got their new kicks, we moved to another store named LAavenue which I always check their own website ( they got really dope kicks, both OGs & brands new, I almost got Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro Blk-Red colorways but got the problem ‘coz I can’t use my debit card although I got some discount from the manager & not enough Yen in my wallet too, so I missed that kick but try to email them to get it later…


I didn’t think I would have a chance to see Nike Air Jordan 11 Concord Number 45, and this store got 3 pairs!!!…


OG’s Nike Air Jordan 1 1984 Prototype & 1985 in excellent condition!!!…



An interest restaurant, way back to the carpark, should be Japanese haunted restaurant (I guess) they played some scary sounds when people walk pass, with a Japanese ghost who I thought she’s cute more than made me scary…

then we headed back to the Imperial hotel, took a shower & get dressed ready to the Sneaker Pimps Tokyo 2007 @ Club Camelot, Shibuya…

So I’m gonna update part 2 later tomorrow, still got really tired from the flight…


Jeed S.


4 Responses to “Tokyo : Day 1 : Part 1 : Sightseeing”

  1. drstit Says:

    K-skit………………LA avenue!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice photos, thanks for sharing this nice trip. Looking forward for more to come.

  3. wanna go there too wa bro…. jealous u sud sud pai !!!


    kong fark la p’ 55+

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