Tokyo : Day 2 : Part 1 : Harajuku : 1st Round Shopping

Hello alls, back again for update the blog, my day 2, I got up around 10.30 am & went out alone, sightseeing around the hotel, found the mini mart – Lawson, took some stuffs & ate, then walked to the park opposite the hotel, Hibiya Park for chilled & took some rest before went back to the room & prepare to out again in afternoon…



Hibiya Park, Ginza, got a dancing fountain in the center of the park, really nice weather although it’s 12.00 am.


Took a shower & went out for lunch again with all crew, well they went to a sushi restaurant near the hotel. But honostly I don’t eat sushi, so I walked around that area & found some Chinese restaurant which I thought it should be cheap & got one



Keiraku restaurant & My real first ordered in Japan, pork noodles which charged me around 1,150 yen, not too bad…

After done the meal, we took a taxi to Harajuku, went to see Sean & Charlie, They got an interview with New Balance Japan at the New Balance store, I bought some Kiwi shoe cleaner from them. After that we went to Harajuku for shopping, Koba took us to walked around the street for shopping, just a little, a little…


Tora A.K.A. Gore-Tex (from Nitro Microphone Underground) in da (NB) house!!!



Harajuku Street, the street that I always wish will have a luck to visit & I was…

First store we visited was Head Porter store, got a wallet & a mobile phone strap, then went to Undefeated store, got a multicolor tee, I gave my sample tee to the manager & he loved it, then he gave me some free stuffs back & discounts too, then went to Stussy store (Undefeated was on 2nd floor on Stussy store), got Stussy x Jose Cheues – Beastie Boys Photos tee, then I went to a store which I forgot the name & got a flower print cap…

Then Koba & Tora took me, BJ, Russ, Cris & Tong to see his friend’s store – AKITO which selling Nitraid brand (Nitro Microphone Underground clothing label – XBS is the owner & also be the head of Nitro crew, he’s a best friend of Koba), the store’s really nice decorated. Now they got sponsored from Nike Japan to running the Air Force 1 25th campaign, they had a really nice hiphop singles & an album for Nike Air Force 1 too…





Met Dave White in the store too, I gave him my tee, had some chatted about Bangkok too. BJ ever did tattoo for Dave & he showed me his Air Jordan V tattoo by BJ @ his left shoulder too…

Then XBS , a guy who runs the Nitraid brand arrived the store, actually I already knew him when I met him last night @ Club Harlem, he gave me some free stuffs like a tee, DVD & key holder, so I gave him back my tees…


XBS & Me

Then we headed back to the hotel, changed clothes & prepare for the KIKS TYO x New Balance party – Shake! 320 Night @ Club Asia, Shibuya which is not far from Club Harlem…


My 1st round shoppingStussy x Jose Chuese – Beastie Boys tee, Nitraid tee (free), Head Porter wallet, the flower print cap & Undefeated multi logo tee

Will update you guys about my day 2 in part 2 tomorrow…


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Tokyo : Day 2 : Part 1 : Harajuku : 1st Round Shopping”

  1. nice stuffs u picked up!! love ur supreme high match up with ur designed shirt!!! tokyo is off da chain.

  2. just day 2, i already feel like backpacking to japan!

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