Tokyo : Day 2 : Part 2 : Shake! 320 Night @ Club Asia

Hello alls, backed again for update my Day 2 Part 2, I got lots of photos & wanna share you guys the most I can, hope you guys will enjoy what I’ve done in Japan. So today gonna be the New Balance Japan presents Shake! 320 Night @ Club Asia, 8 June 2007


Our crew went to Shibuya around 9.00 pm. Me, Cris & Tong – all Thais we took a cab to Shibuya, and had dinner @ the ramen shop, only one block from the club…



I don’t know the name of this ramen shop & here’s what I ordered, Shashumen, the price’s not too bad, around 1,000 yen & delicious too…


We missed our crew ‘coz they came with another taxi, so we went to had dinner & I walked to see them after we done the dinner before met up with D.Q.M. Crew & Greyone Crew & all of us went to Club Asia around 10.00 pm


Club Asia got 2 basement floor, first floor would be a small room that open some nice hiphop songs, I arrived there & met Showta who is an assistant designer of KIKS TYO again & he was a DJ that time, left some of my stuffs in V.I.P. room & went to the main room…


Hobby : Tech on the deck


Some nice stuffs, New Balance candle


Hiroki, A man from KIKS TYO


Charlie, Sean & Dean, represented for Crookedtongues & they had to be on stage to presented CT New Balance 320 model & 574 model


Collaboration : New Balance x KIKS TYO model limited edition, match with Casio x KIKS TYO G-Shock, coming out soon…


The flyers wall, nice one


Tomoyuki Tanaka from The Fantastic Plastic Machine


You The Rock


My new friends, people from Salon De Chill crew, cool styles & they’re running the blog too, check it out @ blogroll


Me, Hobby : Tech & Dave Ortiz from D.Q.M.

The party started with some dancing show, comedy crew which was my new experience to see their skills, pretty kool & never have those kinda shows like this in Thailand, also some bands & Hiphop DJ. / MC. Then around 2.00 am, the competition started, all crews would go to the stage to represented their own designs New Balance 320 model & 574 model


Sean, Dean & Charlie represented for Crookedtongues


The crowd

After done on stage, we stayed there for a while, then all of us moved to Club Harlem again, which tonight was the Hiphop night, met some guys from Nitro Microphone Underground, De-Li & he took us to the club, tonight was pretty kool, the DJ played some really nice hiphop songs that you guys won’t ever listen in Thai clubs for sure…


Some flyer stickers

Hanged out there til 4.30 am. Me, Dean & BJ went back to the hotel around 5.30 am ‘coz some people didn’t wanna go back, but I couldn’t stay anymore ‘coz so damn tired, sleepless & had to prepare for shopping on Saturday too…


Stuffs I got tonight from the party, alls are free, KIKS TYO x New Balance Shake! 320 Night Party Tees & New Balance sneaker

Will update my 2nd round shopping tomorrow, loads of photos, buildings, people, stores & shits…


Jeed S.


One Response to “Tokyo : Day 2 : Part 2 : Shake! 320 Night @ Club Asia”

  1. drstit Says:

    Wish i were there. Way to go Jeed keep em coming.

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