Tokyo : Day 3 : Part 1 : 2nd Round Shopping – Shoppaholic!!!

Hi alls, I’m backed again, didn’t update my blog for a while ‘coz I’m quite busy but now I’m back & got loads of pics to put them here…

Well from Friday’s night, got tired from the hardcore party ’til the morning but had to get up like noon, BJ. woke me up & met all crew @ the lobby, we took the underground train from Hibiya, Our hotel to Omote-Sando, Harajuku for shopping…




160 yen, cheap & I think we should go to Harajuku by this way for a long time, better than take a cab…



The crew, talking where to start, then we decided to random walked, located @ Omote-Sando area first…



First store we visited, Dear Laurel, they carry some nice jeans such as Nudie Jeans, Corpus Denim, Loomstate & ETC… Western, Surf ‘n Skate Style…


We walked along the street & backed to the street that been there yesterday, Harajuku area…


Montage, Basement floor, nice decorations & stuffs but didn’t take me any money…


Quench Cubic Store…


X-Large store, just passed, didn’t go inside but from the window display, The Tribe Called Quest Colorway products must be hot…


I forgot this store name but I got all over flower print cap from this store, on Harajuku Street, neared Head Porter store, they carry some labels such as Mike23, Mishka, Crooks & Castles, ETC…


We visited some sneaker stores along Harajuku street but for me, didn’t get anything interest, well actually got some but I still finding some more exclusive sneakers more than they got…




Chapter store, ever been their website for always, now I could see everythings from their real store, but nothing interested as much…


A Japanese restaurant, Dean told me this one is the most favourite Japanese restaurant of Eric Clapton, didn’t know the name too…



BBC & Icecream store, one of my most favourite brand, but when I got there, lil’ bit dissappointed about stuffs…

Went to see Sean & Charlie @ In front of Supreme store, met Peter & others from Sneaker Pimps & Dave, Chris from D.Q.M., then my first store that took my money that day was Supreme…




So I got one beanie, one polo cap & one tee from Supreme, their staffs were SUCKS ‘coz they acted like they were kool & that made me get sick of them…



Came to downstair, checked out the Neighborhood store (Supreme store was on 2nd floor of Neighborhood store), got nothing interest, all level 4 jeans were gone, so no need to see anymore…



Then Me & BJ we went to check @ Atmos store, got Hologram Atmos tee (the one you saw behind Kitty Atmos logo & almost bought some Nike Footscape Woven Free that I was looking for it, but didn’t get it…

Sorry alls, but I’m so quite busy about some project right now, so not have free times to upload all pics, so part 2 will coming tomorrow, I still got loads of it…


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Tokyo : Day 3 : Part 1 : 2nd Round Shopping – Shoppaholic!!!”

  1. Nice one!!! Looking forward to see part 2 of this.

  2. frankaape Says:

    haha ive heard all the supreme staffs’ attitude are really bad. both in LA and NY didnt know Tokyo ones are bad too..that suck. anyway great trip!

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