Tokyo : Day 3 : Part 3 : 2nd Round Shopping – Shoppaholic!!!

Hi alls, I’m backed again, sorry to make you guys waiting (hope will have some waiting me to update my blog, haha) this would be the last episode about my trip in Tokyo, Japan…

We backed to Harajuku again, met people from D.Q.M., Sean & Charlie again, then I left them to walked alone, pretty fun & I always do love shopping alone when I’m in my town too, so for Tokyo, no problem at all, the only thing I worried that time was I need more money for shopping more, haha shit…


Head Porter store, Harajuku, backed there again but didn’t get anything, too crowd…


Undefeated Japan store & Stussy store, Undefeated‘s on 2nd floor, Stussy‘s on 1st & basement floor…


Undefeated shoe display, Lucky that I’m friend of the manager now, so I could take photos in the store…


I left all crew when we were in Takeshita street, across from Harajuku street, most of stuffs on this street were for girls, also some stuffs here that you can see in everywhere too, lots of gals especially students all over in this street, tried Mcdonalds here, ordered Teriyaki Pork Burger set included French Fries & Grape Juice, the Grape Juice‘s so delicious but for the burger, same as Thailand as we known as Samurai Pork Burger…

After done my meal, went back to Harajuku street again & tried to check each stores in each small streets, random walked like don’t know where to go, just walked & walked & my mission was begin!!!


Rawdrip store, they carry some nice stuffs from U.S.A. I got a Torquoise Trucker Cap & some local tee label from here…



Linbak store, they carry some vintage stuffs but brand new, such as Polo Ralph Lauren & lots of western brands also some vintage oldschool tees too. I got one A Tribe Called Quest tee for my friend Natsarasas, also got Air Jordan Spike Lee tee for myself…



Beams T store, one of the most impressive store that I loved especially their window display…



Was lucky that found this store, Secret Base store, if you don’t know where it is, you can’t find it for sure like their name, got a Just For Kicks – Secret Base x Atmos tee, the last one in the store…


Got some drinks from BAPE Cafe’ too. Just a cup of coffee…

The street is circle way & backed to Harajuku street again & met WEN, he walked alone too ‘coz got problem with his GF, so we backed to Takeshita street again & checked some local stores around there, I got a Phenomenon cap from a shop that I forgot the name, this store sell lots of used stuffs but I got a brand new, then we deicided to go to Ebisu, checked out Swagger store which located over there, so we took a cab & around 20 mins from Takeshita street to Ebisu, walked like 15 mins, asked people where’s Swagger store & we found it finally…


Swagger store, you won’t believe that it located in house’s area. I got 2 Swagger tees from here, after that we walked along the street & found some local ramen restaurant that we had to buy an ordered ticket first, then gave it to the cheif & we would get the ramen later…




Ramen restaurant, Me & Wen were waiting for the ordered, Sashu Ramen (again…) the ramen was super dope, original’s shit…


After we done dinner, we took the underground train headed back to Hibiya station, backed to the hotel…

Some stuffs I got from today (Saturday 9th June 2007) too much I think…


2 Swagger tees & a Phenomenon cap




Bags (Somebody can stop me!!!??? I’m too addicted shopping & I need someone to stop me now!!!)

Then I was tried to pack all stuffs & prepared myself back to Thailand, after that Wen came to see me & went out to bought some stuffs @ a convenient store, tried some icecream & snacks. Sightseeing along Ginza, saw some really nice buildings that you never seen from anywhere except in Tokyo


Hermes Building, All glass blocks, damn!!!


Dior Building


Matsuya Ginza Building, the light will always change the colors in every 5 seconds…


Chanel Building, as you seen the front of the building, it’s LCD!!! & the graphic will change like TV!!!


Mikimoto Building


Wen told me it’s a modern museum, very huge

I left Tokyo early morning like 8.00 am & arrived Bangkok around 2.30 pm Thai time

For this trip, I got one of the best experience ever in my life…

Met so many good people, big guys in the scene & really don’t know will have a good chance to be like this again or not…

THX to my man Russell for everything in this trip, for put me to be a part of Crookedtongues family. I really had a great time when I were with you guys, people from Crookedtongues that treated me so good as friend. Sean, Charlie, BJ, Gary, Dean & others that I forgot the name, so sorry…

THX so much to KOBA, my new Japanese friend, Tora A.K.A Gore-Tex from Nitro Microphone Underground also XBS from Nitraid, Deli & Big-Zam, I can say Nitro Microphone Underground is the BEST Hiphop crew in Japan (Really!!!)

THX for everything, my trip was done, THX people who visit my blog…


Jeed S.

PS. next will be everythings in here from now…


6 Responses to “Tokyo : Day 3 : Part 3 : 2nd Round Shopping – Shoppaholic!!!”

    btw these buildings are extremely cool.

  2. shopaholic!!!
    envy you aa’

  3. frankaape Says:

    Tokyo is truely a paradise!!! great stuffs, builiding and most importantly cute girlsss!! hahaah luv ur blog krub. -respect

  4. Tokyo is truely a paradise!!! great stuffs, builiding and most importantly cute girlsss!! hahaah luv ur blog krub.

  5. narinthon Says:

    สนุกมากเลยครับพี่ ผมติดตามอ่าน trip นี้ของพี่ทุกวันเลย ญี่ปุ่นเป็นสวรรค์ของแนวนี้จริงๆ ขอให้พี่มีโอกาสได้ร่วมงานดีๆ แบบนี้เรื่อยๆ นะครับ

  6. wowwwww !!
    wanna go to japan too…
    I saw p’jeed in cheeze magazine duay krub
    so cool ah hehe

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