100 Rajdamri

Hi alls

Backed to update again, sorry that don’t have much time to update but trying my best to update my blog…

Well I never get any feedbacks or comments from you guys, so I really don’t know who you are…

I just wondering & would be my honest if you guys leave some comments on my blog, love or hate, bla bla bla…

hope it’s not too much that I’m asking you guys


From the topic today, yeah 100 Rajdamri

 It’s the venue that CT BBQ 2007 Bangkok Thailand will happen…

Very exclusive for Royal Bangkok Sport Club members only, they only allow their own member only, so not for others…

I got the latest pics on last Friday, got The Johnny Walker Gold Label Bubble Night Party



The big Backdrop & some decoration inside….

So it will be the really exclusive event for our Thai street culture scene, Big up to Crooked Tongues that make things happen…

More news coming soon, will update from here…


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “100 Rajdamri”

  1. the venue looks so nice.

    cant wait for this event.

    i will keep check an update news from here na krub.

  2. yo bro,

    honestly u have been doing so well man, and i come to check your blog everyday so, keep it up bro!!! love reading it..

    take care man…

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