Hi alls

Update again, got some free times for update, well maybe you guys don’t wanna know but this’s my blog, So???

Anyways nothing much about my works, just waiting for the confirmation & the money, then I can do my job & I’m trying to finish all my works done before or as fast as possible…

So will see what I can do, am I worth enough for this project or not, will see…

This weekend was Buddhist’s Day & I’d been with my friend Nat, he got some moody from all shitty news around him, but we won’t talk about that, I stayed with him & we went to the Mahabuth temple, located around our area (Me & Nat we stay in same area)…

Paid respect, donated & set the animals free such as eels, shells, frogs, snapping turtle…

Everytimes when I get some really bad feelings, like everythings are totally fuck up, can’t find the way out, I like to go to the temple & do like this everytimes & this time also…

This time I didn’t do for myself only, I prayed all my good karma I did to my someone special too, so hope she will get it…

Everytimes after I came to the temple, all I get back (at least I think) is relax, peaceful, good feelings & happiness… it really helps people

Then we went to Vien-Tein (it’s Thai Buddhist Traditional that Buddhists will walk around the Buddhist Monastery 3 times) in early night @ the temple near his house, Stayed with Nat until today & left him around evening to Siam Paragon with my bro Boy to watch Ratatouille, it’s really nice animation movie, so funny…

Big up to Pixar & Disney


My next target, Simpsons The Movie, Can’t wait & honostly wanna get this figure back home if I can steal it!!!

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


One Response to “Peaceful…”

  1. Accidentally found ur blog la p’Jeed,..
    555+ update blog often loey na.. ja ma read boi boi

    + Ratatouille sanook jing..

    Miz miz 🙂

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