ETC – Me & My Girl Concert

Hi alls

Backed again to update the blog, been away for a while from this blog…

Anyways today I went to Siam Square for the most wanted concert that I’ve been waiting for a long time…

ETC – Me & My Girl Concert

ETC is Thai Pop – R&B band from Chaingmai & all I could say was they are fucking awesome & I’m their big fan for a long time with my most favourite their single – Ther Kreur Krai (Who is she?)

First I almost got the ticket but got some accidently that I need to find my own, so I got 2 last tickets for 2nd round concert!!!

THX God that he gave me a last chance to saw them, the concert started around 2.00 pm but the one who came with me she came so late almost 3.00 pm, which pissed me off ‘coz I didn’t wanna loose anything in the concert & I’m kinda like always be on time…

We sit in the front row @ right, so lucky that I saw them alive!!!!! Haha…

All good feelings in the concert, appreciated with their songs, their cover songs, their guests, I was like so damn excited for their performed, OK for others might be yeah… it was ok but not for me when I’m deep into them…

I were happy this time too ‘coz for this concert, I always wish & telling myself the one who I took to must be my someone special (really) & it was really happy when she said she was waiting for me to asked & love to go with me & looking forward to it too…

So I could say this concert was one of the best moment I ever got…


The tickets I got, 2000 bht each & sit in the front row…


Their performance, great job ETC!!! I’m not gay but I really like them fellas…


Headed to Thonglor to see my friends

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


One Response to “ETC – Me & My Girl Concert”

  1. GroovySundays Says:


    Hi, P’ Jeeds

    it’s me Bank crab. get tha nice 2 shirts. Thanks so much.
    & please wait for me about tha N*E*R*D cap na crab.


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