Keep Telling Myself

Hi alls

Backed again to update this time, nothing much for today ‘coz I’ve been busy for the CT BBQ BKK 2007 Party

More update coming soon…


Now just wanna write somethings in my mind…

My mind’s going crazy now, I don’t know what exactly I really want…

Some of you guys maybe guess I’m talking about LOVE

Yes Sir, you are right, I’m talking about Love

I’m keep tellinh myself that I should moving on but it’s really damn hard to forget the one who I’ve been in love for a long time (more than 5 years that I’m wasting my time for this one, can you believe that???)…

And maybe for this time, I need to make the decision again, I ever did that & actually it was gone well (Ummm, yeah maybe…)

But I went back to the same old shit again, like I never remember how hurts it is

Always & always…

So I will keep telling myself that I should be OK for this time, hope so…


I’m trying to make my mind busy, at least the work helps me a lot…

See you guys on this Sunday 19th August 2007, I guess that day I’m gonna smile all day, one of the most important day in my life…


Jeed S.


One Response to “Keep Telling Myself”

  1. ghettographer Says:

    good luck bro!! i might be in London but my heart’s out there with you in BKK!

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