THX For Everythings

Hi alls

Finally I’ve done one of the Best job ever I did in my life…

I can’t stop smilling when I saw those people, no matter where they came from, enjoyed the party that I’m one of the part of it…

Got lots of new friends who were really nice to me, my great honor to took care you guys, it’s not about the money or shits, but it’s only about “FRIENDSHIPS”

I was so damn tired from this event, it tooks all my energy out, Redbull, M-150 or Foot Massage couldn’t help me…

Well actually the only thing that could help me, just some call from someone to cheer me up…

But she didn’t…


I wanna THX those CT crew that made this party happened here, Charlie, Gary, Dean, Ben, Zaid, Kat, Grace, ETC… all U.K. people, you guys all knew who you are…

THX all KIKS TYO crew – Ro, Hobby, Topa & Hiroki, you guys are really nice…

THX Dave & Cris from D.Q.M. for entertained people & show your Brooklyn style to our Thais

THX BJ Betts – glad to see you again my biggy friend & Josh from 255 – nice to know you…

THX all my Chinese friends, Entheo, Sean & James also Mike from Clot A.C.U. crew, Asians never stop…

THX a million times for your kinds… Sorry if I forget anyone & can’t say all your names here…

THX all Thai people who love in this scene & wanna see Thailand to be one stop in the World map, now it’s our time

THX all of my friends, bros & sises who always supporting me & push my back all the time when I’m down

THX my crew, my mate & my buddyWen & Shin from Hype 25, Patt the Daddy, Natsarasas, Kai Kura & Kris, nothing to say much, we all knew that…

THX my man Russell for everythings, I don’t know how to say, million times is not enough for me to say that to you… 

More pics coming soon…


Jeed S.


4 Responses to “THX For Everythings”

  1. the party was very awesome ,i very enjoyed and really happy that a big sneaker event in Thailand was already done smoothly .
    thx to P’Jeed and all the big guys.
    Thanks thanks thanks.

  2. Thanks for a best ever event of this scene in thailand, props to p’Jeed and all of your crew kub.

  3. ghettographer Says:

    i going t o go kill myself. i should never of missed this event

  4. That was pretty good as far as parties go huh? 😉

    Good to meet you bro. Many, many thanks for looking after us while we were over there. I hope I can make it back to Bangkok again sometime in the near future.


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