Behinds The Scene

Hi alls

Backed to update again, got some pics that you guys never seen it…

Maybe you already seen loads of pics from CT BBQ BKK 2007 Party but I just wanna post some pics behinds the scene, after the party done, what we had done after…

I didn’t take any photos ‘coz I was so busy, so most of them would be the pics from my mobile phone camera…


6.00 am of August 19th,2007 – still checked the CT History Wall inkjet before set up…


The Nike Air Force 1 IDs


Josh‘s Tattoo – A Nice Guy & Polite From Nike ID 255 Studio in N.Y. I like his tattoo, so nice…


All people heading to Siam Paragon by BTS skytrain, around 20 people, for the welcome dinner @ Cafe’ Chilli, Siam Paragon, you will see Mr.Dave smiled, he never been unhappy, always make people happy with him, much respect


Elsey from UK, Dave from D.Q.M.N.Y. & BJ Betts from House33 & me, on the way to watched Thai Kick Boxing @ Rajdhamneun…




Mr.Acyde from Nike London, one of the most powerful guy @ Nike London, checked out his new Croco Phonecase that he got here, he said this shit will kill Headporter phonecase for sure!!!…


Entheo from Nike ID London & Patt the Daddy with Yuri behinded @ Q Bar, that nite got DJ.Maseo from De La Soul too…


Wen, Patt & Me @ Iroha Japanese Restaurant, celebrated the dinner from what we’d done…


Me in front of 7-Eleven in late nite, opposited of the new office in the future @ Thonglor


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Behinds The Scene”

  1. ท่าทางสนุกสนานกันน่าดูนะคะ ^^

    ไปเจอพี่ที่สยามพารากอน งานWorld’s watch ด้วยล่ะค่ะ

    (อิอิ บอกแล้วว่าเจอพี่บ่อย)

  2. สงสัย จะจำพี่ได้คนเดียวอ่ะค่ะ

    เห็นเดินมาคนเดียว ^^

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