Hi alls

Just quick update…

I’m plainning to do somethings big again, I’ve been thinking for this things for a long time…

And maybe it’s the right time to do it again…

So will see what I will do…

And I think it will lift up our Thai Street Culture Scene to the another level for sure…

Keep waiting & preparing yourself if you are in Bangkok, Thailand

This year, for sure



I love dogs so much, no matter it will be wild dogs or cute dogs, I still love to play with them, when I met this guy, he was smiling to me (I can feel that) then his meal was my noodles…

Loyal, Honest & Friendly…

That’s why I love dogs

My birthday’s coming, I still don’t know what to do on my birthday, some of friends said I should do some party, yeah I really wanna do too ‘coz last year I didn’t do anything, just went to the club & all my friends were there, celebrated to me, that was really good time, so for this time, I still don’t know, maybe yeah but will see…

I don’t want any gifts, just some words from someone only…


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Loyal”

  1. Hi again ^^

    Your plan sound interestin
    i’ll waiting for that

    Happy Birthday
    Have a greatest memory & lot of gifts

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wishin you all in the best in everything u wish kub.

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