My Birthday Was Gone

Hi alls

My birthday was gone

I got some good moment from my friends, they improved that they are so real to me…

Thank someone who came to my party, stayed with me, then made me lost my tears ‘coz of you later when we got fight…

I got 2 feelings from that night…

So Good when friends were with me, joined my little party, did some gifts for me, appreciate that…

So Bad when I got home but got problem with someone that she couldn’t keep her promise with me that would stay with me in my birthday to go to the temple, pays respect, watch movie & dinner before my birthday gone…

So on September 9th, I was in the hospital, got tired, felt sick ‘coz didn’t get any sleep…

So fuck it, it’s just a day in a year, not mean anything for me (Well I’m trying to thinking in that way…)

For me, I never ask any gifts, anything, just some smiles, some sms., some calls, that’s it…

So it’s just a day…

More update about my things coming soon…

Forget what I’ve said today, it’s totally stupid


Jeed S.


4 Responses to “My Birthday Was Gone”

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again bruv!!! Hope you liked the gift na.

    Be cool.


  2. ghettographer Says:

    happy birthday bro! hope you had a good one

  3. Take Care

    Happy Birthday ka’

  4. Happy birthday man

    You don’t know me but I love your blog. The pictures keep me updated.
    Greetings from Amsterdam,Holland

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