I Wanna Leave To MARS

Hi alls

Update again, nothing much today again, haha…

Well I just knew from my friend Russell that lots of people from London & also other places in this world reading my blog like almost everyday…

Hello guys, appreciate that you guys read my blog, I apologize for my shits that always talking about “Love” too…

I’m so sentitive about this shit, so it can’t help & you guys will get bore of me for sure, haha…

When I have no idea to express my feelings to somebody, this blog will be my last choice (umm maybe my first choice) to do that…

I don’t give a shit if somebody will say I’m so weakness or be such an asshole that always talk about love, I don’t mind

So next time I will drop somethings that more serious about other shits, would be better than my love story, haha…

But if you will laugh at me from this stupid things that I posted on the blog, that’s all good if my stupid shit make you funny seriously…  🙂

I just wanna go to live on Mars, maybe would be better than live here with all around same old shits… 

More (serious) update coming soon (I promise)…


Jeed S.


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