Straight From Tokyo

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Last weekend & today, I will show you guys what I got…


My new sunglasses, the white one got it from a eyeglasses shop that got clearance sale, only 300 baht & it’s brand new & vintage, the green one is UKIUKI from Japan but I got it from some kool store in Jatujak weekend market, brand new & only 800 baht, both of them are Wayferer style, hmm… got so many Wayferer style sunglasses now…

Another shit is what I was waiting for a long time, tried every ways as I could do to find this one, first time I saw it in WARP Japan magazine since I was in Tokyo, then searched for this shit & found it what it was, then Kanye West made it stronger…




ATO Matsumoto sneaker, the black one was the most colorway I was waiting for it (saw Big-O weared it in LV fashion set – WARP Japan magazine issue 6)…

THX so much to my Japanese friend Masaru to found it & reserved it for me, Big THX so much to my man Kai Kura who took it straight from Tokyo to my feet, hehehe… appreciate that so much


Kai Kura also gave me this nice reversible t-shirt from Montage, pretty good quality & check out the pattern, THX so much again my friend…

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


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