The Nike Windrunner Be@rbrick Project

Hi alls

Backed to update again & again so fast…

I’ve told you guys that I got some huge project (for me) to do, then time to tell you guys what I’ve done…

As the topic said, The Nike Windrunner Be@rbrick Project is the project that I’ve done…

This is South East Asia Campaign only which is about celebrate 25th anniversary of the Nike Windrunner jacket (guess I’m right)…

Each countrys in South East Asia will invite their local artists (most of them are people in designs) to design & customize the Nike Windrunner Be@rbrick & display to Nike Stores in town …

I got invited from Nike Thailand again to be one of 3 Thai Local Artists to customized The Nike Windrunner Be@rbrick which is only for display, so this’s a really good chance for me to be a part of this project…

So I’m gonna show you guys what I did for this project since the first day…



The boxes, 10 Nike Windrunner Be@rbricks in each box, so 40 Be@rbricks that I need to customize…




For one set…


Whole set, 39 Pantone Color Be@rbricks, 10 colorways, another one left is the secret number 26…

Then today, OCT 10th I went to set up my stuffs @ B-Life store, 3rd Floor, Siam Center this early morning (didn’t get any sleep ‘coz went out night to did some another project too…)



The display boxes before set up…






The Be@rbrick number 26, nothing much but just kept it simple…


With my pride…

Maybe it’s not the best pieces I did but I was tried it my best from the schedule & it was so good to did that although it looked simple but this is my style, we are talking about the gimmic & the idea, not just show up your skill but get nothing & not mean a thing…

So I’ve done one of the best job again for my life, when you do somethings with your love, you will enjoy with it & I do…

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


6 Responses to “The Nike Windrunner Be@rbrick Project”

  1. Nice work! Very like the idea of Pantone.

  2. เมื่อวานผมเดินผ่านหน้าร้าน nike ชั้น 3 สยามเซ็นเตอร์ กับบอย sneakersoul เห็น bearbrick เต็มหน้าร้านเลย ยังพูดกันงงๆ อยู่เลยว่า มันมาได้งัย ที่แท้ก็ฝีมืพี่นี่เอง สวยมากครับพี่ ยินดีด้วยนะครับ

  3. ghettographer Says:

    big. pantone … even bigger

  4. nice work!
    good idea my friend.

  5. crazychild01 Says:

    how can i get one of those bear krub?
    and who are another 2 artist that custom them krub?

  6. hello
    great job
    do you know where i can find one of those bears with colors
    i go to bangkok next sunday the 6 th
    do you know where i can find there bearbrick shops
    many thanks

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