Hi alls

Backed again, hope you guys doing good…

Nothing much, I just wanna share you some experiences that it’s one of the good thing for my life…

For some Thai people they already knew that, but for some friends around the world, I’m gonna tell you about this place…

“Jatujak Weekend Market” is the place I would tell you, it has everythings you want, seriously… 

I love this place, ‘coz I can find some really nice Levi’s vintage jeans here (the real vintage, not LVC) can get some nice vintage t-shirts, some OG kicks (used to got Originals Air Jordan 1 85 AJKO from here) & a lot of stuffs that you can’t find from other places or if you can find, the price won’t be cheap like this place for sure…

I call this place is the treasure ‘coz lots of Japanese always come here to buy loads of vintage stuffs, jeans, kicks & ETC…, back to Japan & sell it like double, triple or more than that…

Today I went there again to did some works with my friend Natsarasas & I got this…


Original a pair of Nike Air Force Delta Hi, Deadstock never worn!!! I’m looking for OG kicks for a long time from this place, but now seems like all gone ‘coz Japanese took them alls, so I was lucky that I found this pairs (more than 18 years old now) & it was so cheap…

So if you have a good chance to come to Bangkok, Thailand

Please make sure that you won’t miss Jatujak Weekend Market, open only Sat. & Sun. since 8.00 am til the sun down, I always be there if I have free times…

PS. dear people who read my blog, I just wanna check somethings & you guys can help me if you will drop some comment on it, just show up yourself to me please & I hope it’s not too much for you guys, will be appreciate that, THX so much… 


Jeed S.


15 Responses to “Treasure”

  1. ghettographer Says:


  2. Sawaddee krub p’jeed ^^

  3. Have been reading ya blog for a while,



  4. jearenade Says:

    stop by to say hi P’Jeed

    like ya blog 🙂

  5. Perlar1s Says:

    I’ve followed you since yr first wrote !!

    It’s time to show up maself …

    keep on doin this blog na kub

    RESPECT !!

  6. are those delta force hi’s dude? they look closer to a non-air pair of hi’s from ’90 rather than ’89. the midsole, shape and eyelets are different…

  7. HOLA!
    what zone in JJ market?
    only found used sneaker there…

    have to go and check very soon ….hahaha

    anyway, NICE KICK

  8. .

    hi, p’ JEED
    still want N*E*R*D cap na crab’.
    wait 4 me.


  9. Hello krub P’jeed

    You’ve got a nice kick.

  10. dee krub P’Jeed

    want to go to Jatujak too

    i like all what u’ve got 😀

  11. hi fashionista… สบายดีนะครับพี่

  12. โชคดีมากเลยครับพี่ ไว้กลับเมืองไทยจะไปเดินจตุจักรมั่งครับ

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