Hi alls

Been a while that didn’t update anything here…

‘Coz I just went to the hospital since Monday, been there for 3 days & felt so tired til now…

I got 41 degree fever that it could made me to the heaven or hell, was lucky that I went to the hospital on time (by myself, still didn’t know how)…

So I need to get more rest but still got some works to do & I will try to update my blog when I’m feeling better & ok…

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


4 Responses to “Hospital”

  1. Damn! I hope you feel better very soon! Take it easy!

  2. Take a lot of sleep and get well soon!

  3. ขอให้สุขภาพแข็งแรงไวๆนะครับพี่..

  4. jearenade Says:

    Take care na P’Jeed

    get well soon

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