Hi alls

First I would like to thank everybody who visited my blog, no matter who you are, also thx for some care when I were sick, now I’m getting better (but some shit happens again…) and will be ok real soon…

So this weekend I’ve planned to go outside BKK, to the East of Thailand, didn’t go out for a long long time, ‘coz been busy about my job & also my crew never be free in the same time, but I can’t stay in BKK anymore, too much pressure for me, everythings ruin me & I need to get some really fresh air, nice weather & quiet place to recover myself in everythings, lots of things to remind & think about that, need to recharge now…

I hope when I come back to BKK again, I will be strong enough to fight for any shits…


Just got this box this morning, striaght from Germany, a gift from Ben Pruess, Vice President of Adidas Originals Global sent to me, THX so much for his kind, I won’t tell you guys what I got, just keep it secret…

Will update my blog again when I come back, have a good weekend people, I’m trying to have my good time also…


Jeed S.


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