Some Energy

Hi alls

Backed again, been dissappeared for a while, now came back to update my blog now…

It’s so damn good that I escaped the city to another place, although it wasn’t quiet at all but it was good that I moved to get some fresh air, nice beach & nice foreigners’ boobs (oops!!! sorry…)

I went to Koh Samed or Samed Island, based in the East of Thailand, left BKK since friday evening with my boys, Vudi & Boy, two of my brothers, we stopped @ Sriracha for dinner, then arrived Rayong around 9.30 pm, took a speed boat to Koh Samed around 20 mins, stayed @ Sai Kaew beach, which was the most famous area in the island, we stayed @ SinSaMuth resort, threw our bags & went out immediately, Haha…


Well Friday night was Fullmoon night, so first we went to Ploy bar & pub, got the fullmoonparty on the beach, we got a pillow, chilled with the musics & fire jugling show, after that we walked along Sai Kaew beach to Silver Sand resort, went to Silver Sand bar, I thought I wouldn’t meet anybody that I knew but I still met some people that I knew from BKK again, damn…

Chilled @ Silver Sand bar for a bit, the music was really sucks, then we walked back to our place, played the pool, then off the bed…


Woke up like 11.00 pm, ‘coz some kid neared our room cried like hell, then went out to brunch @ Ploy Samed resort & restaurant, the resort in the sea, we had to take a boat to the resort, when you sit @ the table, you can see the fish under our feet, that was really good idea…


Some corner @ Ploy Samed resort & restaurant

After done our brunch, backed to the place, then walked to Silver Sand resort again for coffee time, but the taste was sucks, the worst I ever taste, then backed to the room, got some rest, woke up again in 7.00 pm & went out for dinner, the barbeque in front of our resort on the beach, very nice mood…


The beach dog, when you be there, you will see lots of beach dogs on the beach, this puppy was waiting for us to gave her some foods & I gave her a lot (‘coz the barbeque also sucked too…)

After done our dinner, walked to the Silver Sand resort again to the bar, chilled at the bar all night, took some burgers before backed to the hotel, then went to bed, left Koh Samed around noon, got home around 3.30 pm…

It was good for me to been there, ‘coz I worked too hard for a long time & never have a good time to out of BKK, it was my really good time to chilled with friends, recovered myself from all shits happened on me, ‘coz my mind’s going crazy now, from everythings around me, worried about everythings that maybe it’s not my business, care someone that she never care or worry about me, got sick that almost dead if I didn’t have sense to the hospital…

Now seems like I got some energy to feed my life, at least I knew that I got lots of people who always support me, my friends, my buddys, my brothers & my sisters, my boss, my people & people who always keep watching for my steps…

Once I felt like I wanna leave Thailand to anywhere that I don’t have to be around with same old shits, but I know I can’t do that or just can’t do for now, ‘coz I still miss my people, now I got my goal & I will do it the best I can do, and I need to focus on my works, my dream, my everythings…

Try to keeping my head up…

More update coming soon


Jeed S. 


3 Responses to “Some Energy”

  1. that’s right!!
    keep ya head up, bro.

  2. good to see you feeling better bro, see you tonight!

  3. damn doode…u’re making me jealous wit ur vacation..wish i live up there

    holla back

    ps. expect a package from me real soon jeed

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