Another Look

Hi alls

Nothing much, some people from here may never see me in other styles…


Hope it’s not too bad when I dress like this…


I just can’t get any sleep, so I wanna share you somethings I’ve done this morning…

Now I always sleep like 6.00 in the morning everydays, don’t know why but I can’t sleep early…

So when I can’t get any sleep & turns to the morning, I always go out to the village market, make merit, give foods, flowers & pays respect to the monks…

It helps me a lot to make myself feels better everytimes when I feel down…

This morning (Thu 15th) I did the same but more, after I made merit with the monks, I bought all the fishes in the market (every kinds of fishes that still alive) from every sellers in the market & set them free @ the huge resevoir behind my village that nobody can disturb them, it’s my twice times ‘coz I did it last week too…

It made me feel very happy when I told them like “Yo fishies… enjoy your new lifes” after set them alls free, I smiled & felt like Ah… so damn good…

I can find money as long as I still have energy to do, it’s so damn really good when my money can save some lifes

Although I can’t save every lifes in front of my face but at least I do my best or the most as I can affort it, & I really wanna do it like every week or when I have time…

It’s ok if I’m gonna be broke ‘coz spend a lot of money for it

But who care??? as long as I still be happy from what I’ve done

I believe that I will get somethings back too, it’s better than shoppings or get new sneakers…

I still believe in the good karma

If you guys have a chance to do like what I do, please try… you will know how it feels… 


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Another Look”

  1. lookin’ good jeed, lookin’ good

  2. เวลาคนเราไม่สบายใจจะชอบนึกถึงวัด ศาสนา แต่เวลาที่มีความสุขและสบายใจ จะไม่ค่อยนึกถึงกัน ผมอ่ะชอบเป็นอย่างที่ว่าประจำ พยายามจะเปลี่ยนตัวเองให้นึกถึงศาสนา ความดีตลอดเวลาครับ แต่ยังทำไม่ได้เลย อิอิ… ทำดีต่อไปครับพี่

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