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My Gifts

Posted in All Shits!!! on December 28, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

I just got some lovely gifts from my really good friends, I never get any X-Mas gifts for a long long time (maybe never get that & I never expect that too)…

So this year was so damn feeling good when I got this really good stuffs from my good friends around me…


Crookedtongues x Kiks TYO t-shirt & a pairs of Adidas from Russell, THX so much mate



A pairs of Nike Dunk High Premium Stealth, never released here, I got this sample from a good friend & can match it with my Crookedtongues t-shirt…


SBTG x Preduce limited t-shirt, THX Simon from Preduce store

I never expect to get any stuffs or gifts in this or any moment, ‘coz maybe just say it to me, that’s enough really…


Finally I got the magazine from my friend, they interviewed me & Patrick the Daddy but after it came out, they never send me & I couldn’t find it by myself too, lucky that someone gave it to me, very dissappointed on that team

 Anyways tomorrow I will go up to North, so Happy New Year 2008 again people who come to read my blog…

Appreciate that so much that you guys still read my blog although I got nothing to show up…

Wishing you guys all the best…


Jeed S.


Happy New Year 2008

Posted in All Shits!!! on December 26, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

Got some pics from X-Mas day, hanged out with lots of friends – Russell & his girl, Nat Sarasas, Wen & his girl, Patrick The Daddy, Cris, Nat‘s Brother – Mhee & Nat‘s assistant – Fern

We had a brunch @ The Cup, Asoke, nice restaurant, very British


The Cup


My Menu, Turkey, British traditional…


Merry X-Mas again people, wishing you guys all the best & also Happy New Year 2008 in advance, I will have the road trip up to North with friends, sounds fun & I will try to update my blog if I can…


When I come back in this New Year, I hope everythings that always stuck in my head will blow out, hope I can leave it behind & keep my head up to my goal, I hope so…


Jeed S.

Merry X-Mas

Posted in All Shits!!! on December 22, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls


Merry X-Mas in advance, wishing you guys all the best, took pic when I passed The Penninsula Plaza, lots of people around for X-Mas Light Festival

My friend Nat Sarasas just done the project with Nike Thailand – The Windrunner Jacket campaign, the next project after my Be@rbrick project, he made the new Windrunner Jackets, 3 patent colorways as you seen in ths pic, rider jacket style…



Dopest!!! that’s all I could say about what he’d done, everythings, concepts, details, better than other 2 artists…

Don’t blame me if you think I’m cheering up my friend but honostly it was really… 


Go check out by yourself if you are in BKK, B-Life 3rd floor, Siam Center.. 


Jeed S.


Posted in All Shits!!! on December 21, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

Just got this…


I’m not sure what the name of this eyeglasses but the leg was made from bamboo, strong concept from Tokyo, Japan again…


Jeed S.


Posted in All Shits!!! on December 18, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

Been busy for a while, i will find more free times to update this blog the most I can…

I still don’t understand what the fuck happened in Thailand, got cold like only a week then feeling like I’m in Summer again, what the fuck!!!???


I love this t-shirt, Beastie Boys Intergalactic World Tour tee… 


Jeed S.

Happy Birthday Russell

Posted in All Shits!!! on December 15, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

Happy Birthday to one of my best friend from London, Russell from Crookedtongues

My Mate & also My Boss… 

If No You, No Me today too…

Wishing you all the best

THX a million times wouldn’t not enough for your hospitality

Best Regards

Jeed S.

Heineken 5th Bangkok Jazz Festival

Posted in All Shits!!! on December 12, 2007 by Jeedjaad

Hi alls

 Last Monday my friend Natsarasas picked me up to chilling @ Heineken 5th Bangkok Jazz festival


Monday was the last day, also was lucky that one of our friend Bank was a part to did organized this festival too, so free entry (the ticket costed 1,200 baht per person per a day)…


Good musics, from Japan, Hongkong, Korea & of coz Thailand from Monotone Group, Big up to them, they made me felt like it was good that I’d been there, I’m not drink so just enjoyed Good musics


Jeed S.