Merry X-Mas

Hi alls


Merry X-Mas in advance, wishing you guys all the best, took pic when I passed The Penninsula Plaza, lots of people around for X-Mas Light Festival

My friend Nat Sarasas just done the project with Nike Thailand – The Windrunner Jacket campaign, the next project after my Be@rbrick project, he made the new Windrunner Jackets, 3 patent colorways as you seen in ths pic, rider jacket style…



Dopest!!! that’s all I could say about what he’d done, everythings, concepts, details, better than other 2 artists…

Don’t blame me if you think I’m cheering up my friend but honostly it was really… 


Go check out by yourself if you are in BKK, B-Life 3rd floor, Siam Center.. 


Jeed S.


One Response to “Merry X-Mas”

  1. Merry X’Mas bro!
    hope everything will getting better.

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