Happy New Year 2008

Hi alls

Got some pics from X-Mas day, hanged out with lots of friends – Russell & his girl, Nat Sarasas, Wen & his girl, Patrick The Daddy, Cris, Nat‘s Brother – Mhee & Nat‘s assistant – Fern

We had a brunch @ The Cup, Asoke, nice restaurant, very British


The Cup


My Menu, Turkey, British traditional…


Merry X-Mas again people, wishing you guys all the best & also Happy New Year 2008 in advance, I will have the road trip up to North with friends, sounds fun & I will try to update my blog if I can…


When I come back in this New Year, I hope everythings that always stuck in my head will blow out, hope I can leave it behind & keep my head up to my goal, I hope so…


Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Happy New Year 2008”

  1. Hope u have a great trip to the north. Happy New Year to you too, bro.

  2. have a nice trip, man.

    HAPPY NEW YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

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