New Year Trip – Part 2

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Day 1 – On 31st Dec, we left the waterfall’s house, Maesord, Tak around 1.00 pm, drove up to Chaingmai & arrived @ the place we stayed around 4.00 pm…


My room, so nice, this hotel still not open yet, so alls were free…

Chilled @ the hotel, took some rest a bit & went out to eat in local area which I totally forgot & backed to the hotel, prepare for The Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel – Gala Dinner Countdown Party @ night, met Nat’s dad & went to the hotel together…




This Gala Dinner costed 10,000 baht per person which we didn’t pay anything, haha, THX so much to Nat’s Dad

We had a good chance to dinner with The King Of Malaysia & his royal family too, hmmm… the princess was cute, that’s all I could say…



Happy New Year 2008!!!

Later that everybody moved to hang out a bit @ The Horn Bar in the hotel & went out to Chaingmai local pub with the daughters of the hotel to Warm Up Pub, so packed & quite bored ‘coz of the musics, backed to the hotel around 4.30 am…

Day 2 – we went to had brunch @ one of the nicest boutique hotel in town, The Chedi Hotel




After done the brunch, we walked to the old local temple neared the hotel, prayed & made the merit, set the fishes free, that’s all for the best things in Jan 1st…



In late evening, Me, Nat, Russell & his girfriend we went to Nat’s another house to meet Nat’s Dad, had a BBQ dinner, before backed in town & went to another local pub – Monkey Pub, chilled til 2.00 am then backed to the hotel…

Day 3 – woke up @ noon & went to had brunch @ Fujian Chinese Restaurant @ The Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi Hotel, the foods were really nice especially the noodle with soup…




The best dish…

Chilled a bit around there & drove to Nimman-Hemin Road, checked out the scene & local stuffs…



Bamboo Tree House, nice one…


Nice office, feeling like Tokyo

We went to visit some friend who open the icecream shop in Chaingmai, he’s the one & the only one stand up comedy, P’Note Udom @ iBerry


Mao Loves You…

Chilled the place with the special one, talked about the place, vibes & arts before left him to visit a nice boutique hotel around there, @ Nimman Hotel


Only 8 rooms but they decorated so damn nice…

Then I left my people to the mall, got the phone recharge for Russell, had a dinner & backed to the hotel to get some rest, before drove to see people again @ iBerry & walked to hang out @ Warm Up with P’Note & the gang before left there around 1.00 am…

Day 4 – drove backed to Bangkok in evening, arrive Bangkok around midnight…

THX my friend Nat Sarasas who set up this road trip, so tired but got really good experiences, sometimes maybe we don’t need to party hard in the New Year…

More update coming soon…


Jeed S.


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