It’s All About Converse (Thailand)

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Like the topic said, I will talk about Converse Thailand

Since the road trip that me & my friends went to the North of Thailand, when we were in Chaingmai, my friend Nat Sarasas he didn’t bring any shoe for the gala dinner, so we went out shopping & I found this shit & told him to get one…


A new model of Converse All Star Hi, almost lookliked The Fragment All Star





The details…


With my Fragment All Star… 

First when I saw this one, I was like “What The Fuck!!!???

I felt like very dissappointed to Converse Thailand when I saw this “Thailand Version“…

Not because I paid a big money for The Fragment one just only for “The Lightning Logo“…

Yeah I bought if ‘coz of “The Lightning Logo” & those designs only, some people will say I’m stupid ‘coz I can get “The Thailand Version” like 5-6 pairs, just only no “The Lightning Logo” (this one came out after The Fragment one for a while)…

The thing is I used to give my respect to Converse Thailand for their visions because they supported our locals such as Thai Fabric materials (Mae Fah Luang), Thai Artists (Pang Pattareeya, ML. Jarathorn & Note Udom) & Thai Fashion Brand (Head Quarter) & the most important is we have our own Converse (Made in Thailand) although the shape & designs are too simple…

But I’m dissappointed them this time ‘coz of they’re stolen those designs & changed to be their own (with the permissions or without I don’t care about that ‘coz in fact they are all Converse actually)…

That’s why I wrote this topic, maybe I’m crazy but that how I felt about it…

But it’s not mean that I won’t support Converse anymore, they still be one of my Classic Shits


Jeed S.

PS. hope they will have “The RED Thailand version” ‘coz I can’t get “The RED Fragment All Star one“, hehe…


3 Responses to “It’s All About Converse (Thailand)”

  1. This was happened to me as well when i saw this pair on the shelf at a converse store but i dont really have the actual fragment converse to compare.
    However, on this trip, i was to look for a silver low converse which i was told that thailand converse is definitely makin one.
    But yet, i was told that it was removed from the shelf due to some reason (first time), and i which i went back and i was told that it was sold out due to limited amount of production (wtf?)
    So now where can a get a cheap silver converse?

    p.s. i think the red converse fragment is coming to genesis from what i was told by the crew their (may be this February)

  2. alvinkei Says:

    hey , i just came back from thailand n i bought a converse from there as well.

    yup, there is a red converse wich is damn similar to the fragment red. everything the same except no fragment logo.

    just wondering, is the converse thailand legit ? or is it fake converse?

  3. I am really after a pair of these, but does anyone notice the prices creeping up? Why is this?

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