N*E*R*D Is Back!!!

Hi alls

Back to update again, well I can’t stop exciting from the band that I’m waiting for them for a long long time…

N*E*R*DNo One Ever Really Die

A lot of rumors, but now they’re back!!!

Here’s the news…

After an extended split hiatus, Pharrell Williams & N*E*R*D. are returning with a bang. The hip-hop group’s third album, cleverly titled N*R*3*D, is set for release in the Spring. This (new) album took a few years to make in terms of… collecting the right records for it.

“I just was waiting for the right sounds” he later added. “Creating (music) at the keyboard is like going fishing. You fish for it every day. And you either get it or you don’t get it. It works several different ways : sometimes I sit down and just make something and it’s appropriate for it, sometimes I do that and it’s not appropriate. And sometimes I have to wait. What I usually do with the N.E.R.D. albums is we wait a lot”


Here’s their newest single – Everyone Nose


Jeed S.

PS. Dear the hater, hate me, jealous me, go talking shit about me ‘coz you can’t be like me, then the only thing you can do just sit & see how far I will go, I won’t blame you ‘coz you can’t be better than me, that’s why & I know who you are… God bless…


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  1. thanks for Great!!! news and mp3 krub.

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