Happy Belated Chinese New Year

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Happy Belated Chinese New Year 2008 , Be Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope it’s not too late, well I’d been with my whole family outside Bangkok to Saraburi province to visited the Paputthabath Temple & all Chinese temples around there, took an hour from Bangkok, got up like 4.00 am (actually I should say didn’t get any sleep) & drove there…


The Giant Protector…


The 2nd Chinese temple I forgot the name, so Chinese & the temple is in the cave & you can see lots of Thai-Chinese weared Red outfits…

I didn’t celebrate or do Chinese traditional things for a long time like more than 3-4 years ‘coz always been busy, my whole family always come to this temple like every years ‘coz they believe it’s a good starting for next whole year…

All were good on it, I was happy to do that although I were so sleepy…

Surfed & found this free-online magazine named Street Magazine (you guys can download the issues from www.thaiegazine.com)…

Nice online magazine & they got 4 issues now, I met one of my best bro in there too…


MC. Petchy The Super Spicy, one of my best bro in town talked about his hobby, represented for Crooked Tongues, Hot!!! with the Nice Collaboration KIKS TYO x Crooked Tongues T-shirt

Actually it’s been a while but I just saw my dude on it, so wanna share you guys…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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  1. […] I woke up around 1.30 am. & couldn’t get any sleep, then Pay Respected with My Mom on 3.00 am. & went to see all My Whole Family at My Grand Mom’s House around 5.00 am. before headed to Saraburi Province, same as Last Year… […]

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