Queing Troopers

Hi alls

Backed to update again…


Today (Monday) I went to Genesis, MBK for checked out the scene that will be one of our Thai sneakerheads moment


Genesis has dropped the Nike Dunk VNTG a.k.a. Original 7 today…

I went there around 10.30 am & met some people from the sneakersociety forum, all my boys, haha…


The first who arrived there was a 15 years old kid who came with his uncle & jumped off the school to get the Goldenrod (I thought that would be school unforms when I be there & I was right, more than 10 kids when I arrived there)…

So me & my boys decided to made a que, that’s the best way for people who were there & it wouldn’t get any problem when the shop opened too, THX K-Natz & Jo Tubbyheadz for made it…


When the stuffs arrived…


Hmmm, I want the set, haha…


People get ready…

The shoes sold out in an hour, ‘coz small quantitys, I’d loved to be one of a part like this, it’s so nice to hang out with people who have a same passion, went there to chat & chilling with friends, make a new friends, what a good moment for Thai sneakers scene


THX so much to my brother Biggie for this photos he took today, with his Goldenrod


More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Queing Troopers”

  1. Are there will drop more on dunk event krub P’Jeed ?

    Thx krub

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