One Piece

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Got up like 6.00 am for my sister’s graduation, so sleepy & only been there for 20 mins then backed home, changed clothes & out for a meeting with Khun Bee from Nike Thailand

After done the meeting, Khun Bee suprised me with this hot shit…


Nike Dunk High 1 Piece Premium, if I’m right, it just released yesterday (but not for Thailand yet)…


Check out the details, it’s all prints on canvas, they made this one lookliked vintage too, if you see the pics, each graphics on the shoe is different, mine is the center one, the left was Wen’s & the right was Chin’s

The funny was I’d chatted with one of my bro POE about this pack & I really wanna cop the one I got ‘coz it looks so nice…

Seems like God heard my wish, hehehe…

Big THX to Khun Bee & people from Nike Thailand for their hospitality, really appreciate…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “One Piece”

  1. Good Catch!!!

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