Nike Dunk High Flash Drive & Nike Dunk Mobile Phone Strap

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Here’s photos of Nike Dunk High Flash Drive that made for Be True : The Dunk Event, it was only 200 pieces to give away for first 200 people who registered from 3 Thai websites –, & & showed up themselves at the event party…





It’s Kingston USB drive 1 GB inside, Goldenrod colorway, vintage box style & only for Thai people…

Well me & Wen were dissappointed about the details ‘coz it should be better than this but we had no time to make everythings perfect, but people loved it, so it was ok…



Another is Nike Dunk High Mobile Phone Strap, made by Nike Thailand, looked nice & give away for free when you go visit the Nike Dunk Pop Up store

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “Nike Dunk High Flash Drive & Nike Dunk Mobile Phone Strap”

  1. idologist Says:

    shit man….need all of those dunk goodies in my life….lol….dope man….

  2. awesome mak mak ka’ . Nike Dunk High Flash drive, I really like it !!


  3. jumpdacukup Says:

    Still lookin’ for the small GoldenRod Bro.


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