Be Like Celebrity???

Hi alls

Backed to update again…


Just saw a new issue of Chimney, a free magazine in Siam Square, had a news about Be True : The Dunk Event & The Party


Crooked Tongues x Kiks TYO CrewWord Up!!!

Then went to Central World Plaza with Voudi to see one of my brother – Tay for watch the fashion shows at Elle Bangkok Fashion Week 2008, 2 shows – Asawa on 6.30 pm & Senada Theory at 10.30 pm…


Before the show – Asawa, sit in the front row…

Is that kool when people wanna be like celebrity???

For me, I saw lots of people today (especially people in fashion scene) act like they are celebs, Tay got tickets in the front row for me but I’m not a celebrity who always sit in the front row, and I felt really awkward when some of them checked my options…

THX God that I’m not living in the Thai Gay Fashion World that always stuck & follow the pages in the magazines but never realize themselves that they can’t be like that…

I won’t say my style is better than them (‘coz I’m totally not), we’re living in different world, different scene

But I just don’t like the way when those people who think “They are Cool, Chic or Fashionista & Shits” treat people who are not be the same as them like somone who came from the 3rd world

So I just enjoyed all the models, especially some favourite models that I had a chance to saw them closely, haha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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  1. celebrity jing jing ka’ 55+

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