Best Of The Year 2007-2008???

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Just found this one & it was so funny for me…

Cheeze Magazine (the one that I used to worked for a long time) their new issue they celebrated their 4th year anniversary (congratulations, at least for the 1st year since the beginning, I was there…), they had a new topic that they choosed people who got the best dresses in each issues since 2007 til 2008 (12 issues), this 12 people got really good tastes & nice styles (in each styles)…

So here it is…

12 people who got the best styles of the year 2007-2008…

Issue 38, have you ever see this guy before???…  ;-P

I don’t think I deserved to get this…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


5 Responses to “Best Of The Year 2007-2008???”

  1. WOW ต้องสั่งซื้อมาดูให้ได้ละ เท่ มากครับพี่จี๊ด

  2. ก็หล่อๆ กันไปครับพี่ อิอิ… แต่ผมจะเอา reebok pump alife สีชมพูของพี่อ่ะ

  3. jumpdafcukup Says:

    พี่หมวกแดงนี่จะเอาๆ ตลอดเลยนะ 555

  4. Hey man, nice pic stylish pic….hahaha….hey I finally started to blog also go and check it out….lol…..

  5. Best dressed guy in South East Asia! Shame about your football team though. 😉

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