Thai Lacoste???

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

Today went to Central World Plaza, bought some magazines to update myself, then walked to Siam Square to see some local sneakerheads, one of them weared this dope polo shirt, came with the good idea, to be the honest first time when I saw this polo shirt, I was like “Shit!!!, it’s so fucking kool!!!

Thai Lacoste, it’s a golden lizard

Sorry for a blur pic, one thing I don’t like just the size that too big when it’s on the chest but all good on it…

If you are Thais, you will understand this gimmic & you will love it…

Dope ideabig up to the owner of this idea, I really love it, you can beat Lacoste, haha…

Wanna get one really…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.

PS. Iron Man the Move was great…


One Response to “Thai Lacoste???”

  1. 55+

    I really like this idea too ka’

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