Beijing Here I Come!!!

Hi alls

Backed to update again…

I will leave Thailand for a while to Beijing, China

Got invited from Nike Thailand to represent for Thai Influencer & of coz Crooked Tongues Thailand

For Nike World Summit 2008 (if I’m right) at Beijing, China

This trip would be one of the great experience for me…

All influencers around the world, will be there to see the innovations of Nike, new collections that we will be the first to see them (also theĀ Olympic collections too)…

Can’t calm myself right now, from the guest lists I’d seen…

If I tell you guys, can you calm down???

But I think I’d better shut my mouth up & will feed you guys with loads of photos when I be there…

100 people from Europe & 200 people from Asia, all influencers & medias around the world…

Will have a good time when I be there…

THX Nike Thailand so much for invited & Russell for allow me to go there…

Beijing here I come!!!


Show you my little doggy

Her name is Wha Wha (got this name from my mom) now my mom loves her more than me, she’s 2 years old now & still virgin, haha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Beijing Here I Come!!!”

  1. lucky u….

    i give whawha my chichi la gun. hahahha
    oh tae tong get bow’s permission gorn na.

    anywaysss have a nice trip ka! xxx


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