Thank You, Thank You & THANK YOU!!!

Hi alls

Backed to update again so fast…

Nothing much, I just checked my blog stats & just saw the total views

Just passed 50,000 views tonite, nothing to say except THANK YOU SO MUCH for everybody who visit my blog, no matter who you are, lovers or haters, I just wanna say thank you so much

It made me wanna keep blogging, sometimes I felt like wanna stop write my shits here…

But since I saw the total views, it made me so happy that at least still have some people who always wanna know how I am, what’s going on about me or the story that I wanna share to you guys…

Now please show up yourself, no matter who you are, please leave the comment in this topic, I would be appreciate for that…


Jeed S.


14 Responses to “Thank You, Thank You & THANK YOU!!!”

  1. yo bro, nth to say u always know u got me bro:) just keep it up aite..just loving it man:) ..haha anaway take care and hope to see u soon..

  2. groovysundays Says:

    hi, p’jeed wait 4 True’True’ new design na’crab (^_^)

  3. jumpdafcukup Says:


  4. Hi,P’Jeed
    I’m Duke na krub
    guy from soul4street
    I love this blog na
    and I love you that who you are


  5. Hi krub bro ^^

  6. Gratz bruv.

    Keep it real.


  7. winrt Says:

    im always be one of yours 😀

  8. hi,khun jeed
    so love this blog

  9. Just love your style!
    keep it up!! 🙂

  10. yo! you on fire man!!! hahahaha
    the posts are gettin hotter by the minute…
    keep it live and much respect…
    stay fresh!

  11. Mr. Jeed… Keep doing your thing forever and ever… The whole world better know… Peace from TYO!

  12. keep up the good work! it’s a v. entertaining blog!
    p.s mega jealous of your beijing trip!!! :p

  13. Yeah, respect man. I am now a fan!!:-))

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