Arena Magazine

Hi alls

Last Monday I went to Arena Magazine office for a photo shooting, P’Lhong – An Editor of Arena Magazine Thailand used to invited me for a long long time to write the column for them since the begining but I never say yes ‘coz still don’t know what to write…

While we were in Beijing, he asked me again to do the column named ‘Connoisseur’ for June issue & I couldn’t deny him anymore, so I accepted his request which will be all about sneakers


Set up by the fashion stylist …

The photographer…

The open page, Crooked Tongues Collaborated

All about Reebok

JEEDUNK again…

It’s good to Show My Love & Drop My Knowledge to the people (Crooked Tongues’ Motto haha…)

My column will publish in June

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


3 Responses to “Arena Magazine”

  1. idologist Says:

    Hey man….Let me have a copy of that magazine when it comes out…..want to show my boss what I did for iD!!! thanks

  2. nice!
    anyway..who is the cover girl? HAHAH

  3. Dope! thats a good look….

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