Hang Out

Hi alls

Last Thursday my friend Nat Sarasas who just got back from France picked me up at my house & went to dinner at the place called Vanilla Garden

We checked out at the book store first, this book store’s so nice & quiet, lots of nice books & I can spend time whole day in this book store…

Then Patrick arrived & we had dinner at the Vanilla Cafe’

Some Japanese Manga Style artworks, I don’t know who drawed it ‘coz didn’t have any signature but it’s nice…

Me & Pat, took pic by Nat

After done dinner, then the game started, I was sucks for Football Table game 😦 …

Chinese Rose Tea

Pat & Nat were talking about stuffs, or maybe Pat showed Nat some new hi-technology from his motha f**kin iPhone (he’s the best in town, always surprise me with loads of programs that I don’t think iPhone can do it & it’s not just a phone anymore but more than that a lot!!!)…

It’s good to hang out with friends, I don’t have time to hang out with them for a while, some are busy & away, so we talked about stuffs, lifes, futures, loads of shits…

I recommend this place, Vanilla Garden, queit & nice, so chill…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Hang Out”

  1. Good timem bruv good times .. 🙂

  2. nice place!!!

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