T-Shirt Festival # 4

Hi alls

Last Saturday my friend Leo picked me up & we headed to T-Shirt Festival # 4 at Impact Arena

This is one of the most popular event in town, so many t-shirts from everywhere in town from so many sellers, so many good ideas in this festival (most of Politics) & so many copy ideas too (that’s so shame when I saw some designs came from magazines) the qualitys were totally not good but if you compared with the prices (started at 150 baht) that would be fine (but maybe one time wear only, haha) so don’t expect for the qualitys, that’s all…

The crowds

Thai local artistLipta, one of my favourite came with acoustic version…

It was good to been there although I didn’t get any tees ‘coz I’m lil’ bit serious about the quality & to be the honest I didn’t see any good quality tees from this event although some of them had really good ideas, this event just made for people who love t-shirts, the sellers just wanted to sell it the most as they could & didn’t care about the qualitys & it’s just only one time in a year for them to make a big money too…

Qualitys aren’t come along with Quantitys, that’s my opinion…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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