Maison Martin Margiela Sunglasses

Hi alls

Today got a call from my friend Nat Sarasas who just got backed from France this morning for the French Open (how’s good life, haha) he asked me out to join with him, then I went to hanged out with him & my another friend Umm, then he brought this one to showed me…

Maison Martin Magiela sunglasses, futuristic style…

Naft Punk

Then Ummft Punk

This sunglasses is nice, I was tried it but I think I will go back to my Wayferer style sunglasses, haha…

It’s all about style, I can say this one is very hard to match with & if you are not confident enough, you can’t rock this shit

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Maison Martin Margiela Sunglasses”

  1. They look like they are from Back to the Future, literally. It would be funny to wear those walking around and see people stare.

  2. Only Nat and UM could pull that look off! I think they both look cool. 😉 Looks like you were just about to eat at my favourite BBQ spot. I’m hungry and I miss Thailand so much.

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