Nitro Microphone Underground x Nike 1World Air Force 1

Hi alls

My family Crooked Tongues dropped a latest news about some pairs that I can’t deny to present ‘coz it came from my Japanese friends Nitro Microphone Underground especially my man Tora a.k.a Gore-Tex who was the one who designed this shit too (I met Tora first time when I visited Tokyo & he was the one who stayed with me & hanged out with me & my crew since day 1 until I left there, and met him again at my Nike Dunk event but he came to be my guest for represent his crew – Nitro Microphone Underground)…

Nitro Microphone Underground x Nike 1World Air Force 1

First time I saw this kool shit since Tora rocked the sample when he & his crew came to Bangkok for my event Nike Dunk : Be True (around February), he showed me & my friend Russ this pairs, first time I was like, Woooo!!! ‘coz it’s pretty nice, they used their signature Digital Skunk Camo design from their own clothing label Nitraid & the result was this hot shit, the gimmic of this Air Force 1’s is it’s all reflective!!!

I wish they will remind me & send me this nice pairs, haha… Big shout to them for this hot shit for real

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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