It’s All About Football

Hi alls

Yesterday I got a good chance to watched The Pre-World Cup 2010 Football MatchThailand vs. Japan

Rajamangala National Stadium

Thailand National Football Team Logo

V.I.P., Hmmm…

Me with my friend Kai & P’Sri at the V.I.P. Box before the game started…

Japanese Supporters!!!, how crazy they are!!! I couldn’t believe that they are a lot more than Thailand Supporters!!! & they are so serious about cheering football too (shame on Thailand really)…

I came to see this guy, Japanese Player Number 10Shunsuke Nakamura

Thailand, Thailand, Thailand!!!


Japan won 3-0, that what I thought since the game started but it was so good to been there & enjoyed the match, I never watch the real football game via my eyes before…

One thing I could tell Japan is way better than Thailand for Football, not only players but also their supporters too…

THX Bubble Bee so much again for V.I.P Tickets & also Khun Edward too, it was good to enjoyed the match with the Japanese Embassador, haha…

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


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