Random Pics # 1

Hi alls

Share you my random pics…

Nat Sarasas’s Nintendo DS, a gift from Nigo The General, Sweet!!!

Me with Judge‘s custom tee Alike at Mos Burger Siam Paragon, took pic by Jeff Metal

Nice Nike Be True Campaign Print Ad., vintage style…

iBerry, Yummmmmm…

When Nat is The Vocal & Umm is The Percussion at our favourite’s Karaoke

The Crystal Skull

No Photograph but Who Care???

The Fighters

My Customade Accessories

My most favourite!!!, Soft Chocolate Cake at Manna, Siam Paragon

Wild Dog

Then Wild Elephant

The Little Princess

Found in some old magazine, 5 Years Ago

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Random Pics # 1”

  1. “No Photograph but Who Care???….”

    I always take a shot of “No Photo” sign too,dude.

  2. Sweet The Little Princess !!!

    Sweet Nintendo DS !!!

    And also Sweet Soft Chocolate Cake !!!

    Random Pics of sweet !!!

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