Hideaways Trip Part 3

Hi alls

Nothing much for My Hideaways Trip Day 3, after done the breakfast, we went to the beach & tried to go somewhere else outside the island, so here’s how we go out…

The Sailboat, my first time…



Our Coach

I don’t have any skill for the sailboat, it’s really hard to understand how to sail ‘coz it depends on the wind, so I let Nat a.k.a Captain Nat Sparrow to took us to the new world…

The Fisherman

Took around 45 mins (but if we came here by the boat, just only 15 mins) then we arrived at the first & the last destination, a small island named Koh Pak Bia

Captain Nat Sparrow need some rest…

On the way back was late evening, when we almost at the hotel, no windy at all, Shin & Captain Nat tried to pull the Sailboat while I was trying to help, haha…

View from the tower before dinner…

We had a big dinner at our Hill Top Reserve, ‘coz Nat got His Dad’s V.I.P Guests, they came with a big family around 10 people, so we had a big B.B.Q. Dinner with the really nice Seafoods

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Hideaways Trip Part 3”

  1. Captain Nat Sparrow tried to pull the Sailboat !!

    the responsibility of good Captain na ka 😀

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