Soul4Street 1st Official Meeting

Hi alls

Yesterday I went to the meeting of Soul4Street website, an official meeting at Cafe’ De Moc

From someone who don’t know, Soul4Street is Thai Sneakers & Street Culture Community, they just had Their 1st Official Meeting yesterday…

Set up…

Gift from Crooked TonguesPuma Clyde Crooked Tongues 3

Gift from Nike ThailandNike Air Classic BW Sample





Kids were enjoying the games…

Party is over (actually there were a lot more people but some were gone)…

It was good to be a part of this meeting, everybody are friendly & nice to eachothers, I smiled everytimes & said hello to everybody who I walked pass & was a M.C. for them, it’s good to see how Thai Sneakerheads support their own community, no matter from an old place or a new home, we’re still love the scene, that’s the main thing

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Soul4Street 1st Official Meeting”

  1. dotwear Says:

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