Nike Flywire Installation Art at Central World Plaza

Hi alls

Last Friday I went to the meeting at Central World Plaza about some new project up coming, Bubble Bee told me to check out Nike Flywire Installation Art at the 6th floor…

Is that Lebron James???

While the artistVit Pimkanchanapong set up, last Friday I visited was his first day…

All The Flywires


“The original concept of Nike’s Flywire which innovatively adapts the concept of tensile strength on the shoes’ structure has inspired me to think of the flow of movement within that rigid structure. From a point of view of a video artist dealing with moving images, I have explored, in this work, the possibilities of having infinite and fluid movement contained within the structure by still maintaining the concept of strength in the structure.
I have presented this notion through an installation system of kinetic actuators, electronic devices in automating process control. This platform comprises 49 actuators. Each actuator always indicates to the same point. This point represents the imagined force, the source of the movement. When we move this point through the synchronized kinetic system, controlled by a computer, we can see the imagined force moving freely beyond the physical boundary of the installation itself.”
Wit Pimkanchanapong, July 2008


Here’s the clip, you can see how it works, pretty nice & smooth…

Nike Flywire Installation Art

Don’t know why but It makes me missing my time when I was into Radio Control Car & Mechanic Toys

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


One Response to “Nike Flywire Installation Art at Central World Plaza”

  1. keitho elliotti Says:

    dude, calling from singapore!
    i’ll be down in bangkok from the 21st (night) to 26th (afternoon) july, any events, sales shops/place worth taking note of?

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