Keef Urban Rules!!!

Hi alls

This topic will dedicate to one of The Best Photographer in the world (in this world will only have me & you, mate!!! haha JK…) Neil Bedford a.k.a Keef Urban

If you guys got a new issue of I-D Magazine (Kaws cover), will have Neil‘s work too…

Also please check out his website Keef Urban

Here’s some of his (really) good works…

Sorry Russ but I really love this pic ;-P

Just some of his works (sorry that too many Pharrell Williams & Common ‘coz they are all my fav artists)…

Please visit his website & you will see How Kool he is…

The Most Funniest Photographer & My Most Funniest Foreigner Friend Ever!!!

Keef Urban Rules!!! Keep watching on him, Seriously!!!

More update coming soon…

Jeed S.


2 Responses to “Keef Urban Rules!!!”

    cant believe you’re promoting Mr. bedford all the way in +66!
    He must be soooooo over the moon right now..
    Did he pay you or something?! hahhahahah…

  2. amateur!! 🙂

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